The Australian Christian Values Institute believes that Australian values are Christian values. These are the values that made Australia great. The preamble to Australia’s Constitution says, “Humbly relying on the blessings of Almighty God”. Alfred Deakin, one of the fathers of Australia’s Constitution and Australia’s second Prime Minister, offered the following prayer after theConstitution was finally ratified. “We pray that it may be the means of creating and fostering throughout all Australia a Christ-like Citizenship.”

The vision of the Australian Christian Values Institute is to reaffirm Australia’s commitment to Judeo-Christian values as the cornerstone of our nation’s prosperity for the common good. The Australian Christian Values Institute, along with other pro-family groups, has given Christian Values Awards to parliamentarians in Federal Parliament since 2004.

‘Christian Values Award’ Winners
Hon Chris Hayes MP –  Member for Fowler, New South Wales
Ian Goodenough MP –  Member for Moore, Western Australia
Andrew Broad MP –  Member for Mallee, Victoria
Recognition of Service Award: Rev Peter Rose Chaplain to the Federal Parliament Canberra
George Christensen MP –  Member for Dawson, Queensland
Senator Chris Ketter –  Representing Queensland
Senator Zed Seselja –  Representing Australian Capital Territory
Senator Bob Day –  Representing South Australia
Louise Markus MP –  Member for Macquarie, New South Wales
Senator Joe Bullock –  Representing Western Australia
Deborah O’Neill MP – Member for Robertson, New South Wales
Senator Corey Bernardi – Representing South Australia
Kevin Andrews MP – Member for Menzies, Victoria
Shayne Neumann MP – Member for Blair, Queensland
Senator John Madigan – Representing Victoria
Senator Jacinta Collins – Representing Victoria
Senator Guy Barnett – Representing Tasmania
Senator Don Farrell – Representing South Australia
Senator Steve Fielding – Representing Victoria
Tony Abbott MP – Member for Warringah (presented by the Aboriginal people of Australia)
Bob Katter MP – Member for Kennedy
James Bidgood MP – Member for Dawson
Senator Ron Boswell – Representing Queensland
Senator Eric Abetz – Representing Tasmania
Senator Helen Polley – Representing Tasmania
John Anderson MP – Member for Gwydir
Anthony Byrne MP – Member for Holt
Alasdair Webster – previous Member for Macquarie
Charles Francis QC – previous member for Victorian state parliament
Senator Ursula Stephens – representing NSW
Danna Vale MP – Member for Hughes
Harry Quick MP – Member for Franklin
John Forrest MP – Member for Mallee
Kevin Rudd MP – Member for Griffith
Peter Costello MP – Member for Higgins
Senator Brian Harradine – representing Tasmania