State Politics

As a volunteer organisation our members are very active in defending and promoting Australia’s Christian Values. A result of this our Halls of Fame are suffering from some neglect at the moment; it is the result of having very limited time and resources in the face of constant and relentless attacks against our freedoms and values. 

Site Editors Note: If you have a heart for encouraging people, which is what this Hall is all about, please contact us. We’d love your help in either bringing this section up to date and/or keeping it up to date.

As stated elsewhere, our Hall of Fame is made up of politicians who have stood tall, usually under immense pressure and in the face of significant oppotion. They have taken their place, stood and remained standing. Defending and being a voice to defend Christian values and virtues in public life.

Events that have resulted in Membership to our Christian Values Hall of Fame

1. The Adoption Amendment (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2010 (NSW)   Sadly, the children of New South Wales lost part of their freedom in September 2010. They also lost their natural biological birthright to a mother and a father. The homosexual adoption bill was tragically passed in NSW State Parliament. In addition to seeing some ‘creative’ application of scripture by some of our reportedly Christian political representatives, we also witnessed some gutsy and sincere stands. Officially this was a conscience vote. In reality these champions faced significant pressure to vote “Yes”, but voted “No”. Please thank and encourage them. If you live near their offices please consider stopping in and shaking a hand in appreciation. An email or call will also be appreciated. (Scroll below to get the details).

The NSW Hall of Fame Legislative Council (Upper House)


Contact DetailsWhy Nominated
Hon Robert Brown
02 9230 3059
Defending the rights of children to dual-gender parenting (*1)
 Hon Tony Catanzariti
 02 9230 2837  
 Defending the rights of children to dual-gender parenting (*1)