The Wilberforce Award

The William Wilberforce Award is awarded for outstanding demonstrations by parliamentarians for protecting life, freedom, family and the foundational Christian values that under-gird these areas. We do not give out these awards lightly!

In 2007

On 18th September 2007, at the William Wilberforce Breakfast, the Australian Christian Values Institute, along with many other Christian & pro-family groups awarded the following parliamentarians the William Wilberforce Award for Life, Freedom & Family.

These awards were based on the fact that the following parliamentarians voted for life by voting against either the ‘Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Repeal of Ministerial Responsibility for Approval of RU486) Bill 2005 and/or the ‘Prohibition of Human Cloning for Reproduction and the Regulation of Human Embryo Research Amendment Bill 2006’.

Thanks to the Australian Christian Lobby for information provided via the following links:
The RU486 vote in the Reps

The RU486 vote in the Senate
The cloning vote in the Senate 
The cloning vote in the Reps may be found at: Cloning – House Debate

In alphabetical order, these distinguished parliamentarians were:

Tony Abbott MP


John Anderson MP


Peter Andren MP


Kevin Andrews MP


Mark Baker MP


Bob Baldwin MP


Phillip Barresi MP


Kerry Bartlett MP


Bronwyn Bishop MP


Chris Bowen MP


Russell Broadbent MP


Anna Burke MP


Tony Burke MP


Anthony Byrne MP


Alan Cadman MP


Ian Causley MP


Steven Ciobo MP


Peter Costello MP


Michael Danby MP


Alexander Downer MP


Trish Draper MP


Peter Dutton MP


Kate Ellis MP


Craig Emerson MP


Pat Farmer MP


David Fawcett MP


Michael Ferguson MP


John Forrest MP


Peter Garrett MP


Gary Hardgrave MP


Luke Hartsuyker MP


Chris Hayes MP


John Howard MP


Kay Hull MP


David Jull MP


Robert Katter MP


De-Anne Kelly MP


Jackie Kelly MP


Jim Lloyd MP


Louise Markus MP


Peter McGauran MP


Sophie Mirabella MP


John Murphy MP


Paul Neville MP


Gavan O’Connor MP


Chris Pearce MP


Roger Price MP


Christopher Pyne MP


Harry Quick MP


Don Randall MP


Kym Richardson MP


Bernie Ripoll MP


Andrew Robb MP


Kevin Rudd MP


Philip Ruddock MP


Alby Schultz MP


Bruce Scott MP


Patrick Secker MP


Peter Slipper MP


Tony Smith MP


Alexander Somlyay MP


Kelvin Thomson MP


David Tollner MP


Warren Truss MP


Wilson Tuckey MP


Mark Vaile MP


Danna Vale MP


Ross Vasta MP


Barry Wakelin MP


Tony Windsor MP


Senator the Hon Abetz


Senator Barnett


Senator Bernardi


Senator Bishop


Senator the Hon Boswell


Senator the Hon Brandis


Senator the Hon Calvert


Senator Chapman


Senator Conroy


Senator Eggleston


Senator the Hon Ellison


Senator the HonFerguson


Senator Fielding


Senator Fierravanti-Wells


Senator Fifield


Senator the Hon Heffernan


Senator Hogg


Senator Humphries


Senator Hurley


Senator Hutchins


Senator Joyce


Senator the Hon Kemp


Senator Lightfoot


Senator Ludwig


Senator the Hon Macdonald


Senator the Hon Mason


Senator McGauran


Senator the Hon Minchin


Senator Parry


Senator Polley


Senator the Hon Ronaldson


Senator the Hon Scullion


Senator Stephens


Senator Sterle


Senator Watson