Current 2023 NSW Election

Politics can bring out the best and worst in people. This is why we base our analysis more on the actions taken during the last political term, rather than on the promises and persona currently on show. Just like a good referee, we call a penalty when it happens and award a try when it’s scored. Sometimes that makes for a one sided looking scoreboard, but the referee’s job is to be honest and unbiased. The referee should not be concerned with appearances. We strive to make our calls fairly.

This approach gives our checklists an accuracy, fairness and rigor that has come to be appreciated by many and also loathed by some.

Every year more people access our checklists to inform their community, friends, family and themselves on what is going on beneath the veneer of electoral campaigning.

2023 New South Wales Election

First Edition: Released 10 March 2023


NSW PDF Checklist (A4)